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Representing the PRECLINICAL Portfolio of Mediso in North America

Mediso works in the field of design and manufacturing of high-end clinical and life science research multi-modality in vivo molecular imaging systems.

Mediso USA distributes the preclinical imaging portfolio of Mediso, most importantly the nanoScan Family for small animal molecular imaging.

The Family consists of imagers combining PET, SPECT, X-ray CT and MRI modalities with highest quality and performance: PET/CT, PET/MRI(3T), PET/MRI, SPECT/CT, SPECT/MRI and SPECT/CT/PET.

All preclinical imagers are highly integrated and include MultiCell small-animal environment systems to provide anesthesia support and temperature monitoring functions to lab animals during the preparation stage and the imaging process enabling 4D-, 5D imaging applications including cardiac and pulmonary gating.

nanoScan Products comes complete with inherently multi-modal powerful, easy to use software solutions for each phase of your preclinical workflow:


Mediso USA Reaches Milestone With 10th Site of Preclinical nanoScan Imaging Systems

Boston, MA, September 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/  Mediso USA is proud to announce the tenth site of integrated preclinical multimodality imagers of the nanoScan Family in North America, at the preeminent Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).

Huntsman Cancer Institute Becomes the First Mediso Preclinical Imaging Center of Excellence in North America

Salt Lake City, Utah and Boston, MA, September 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ The Center for Quantitative Cancer Imaging at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), part of the University of Utah Health Care system in Salt Lake City, UT, has become the first site in North America to be designated as a Center of Excellence for Preclinical Imaging by Mediso Ltd. and its affiliate company Mediso USA.

Preclinical PET insert for high field, simultaneous MRI/PET

Tübingen, Germany, 23 February, 2015: University of Tübingen and Mediso enters into a collaboration to develop a preclinical PET insert for simultaneous acquisition in high field MRI systems

Mediso Extends the Preclinical Portfolio by 3T and 7T MRI, Via a New Strategic Collaboration

GÖTEBORG, Sweden, October 20, 2014: Mediso Ltd announced today at the annual congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine the launch of new MRI subsystems with 3 and 7 Tesla field strength. This cryogen-free based technology is to be integrated into the nanoScan pre-clinical multimodality imaging platform.