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Mediso - About Mediso

About Mediso

Mediso Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd. (located in Budapest, Hungary) is one of the world's largest suppliers of single and multiple modality medical imaging devices and systems. The company was founded in 1990 by experts from the leading imaging research and manufacturing company in Europe, carrying on their proficiency in developing and producing nuclear medicine imaging equipment since 1960. 

The company offers complete solutions from hardware design to evaluation and quantification software both for clinical patient care and high-level life science research.

In addition to a unique 3-modality clinical SPECT-CT-PET hybrid system, Mediso also offers the world's first preclinical integrated PET/MRI and SPECT/MRI system.  These products are part of the nanoScan® high-end small animal imager family, which now includes SPECT/MRI, PET/MRI, SPECT/CT and PET/CT products. Mediso products are available throughout the world and can be obtained directly from the parent company or through a network of distributors. There are currently more than 1000 imaging systems operating in more than 85 countries around the world.

Clinical Diagnostics and CRO Partners

Mediso has developed special partnerships with preclinical imaging contract research organizations (CROs) and leading molecular imaging centers in both the preclinical and clinical domains. Partnerships in preclinical development are in place with CROmed, the Karolinska Institute, and Semmelweis University. Clinical research partnerships have been formed with Scanomed, the University of Debrecen Medical School and the Hungarian National Institute of Neuroscience.  These relationships provide a vital drive to Mediso's development activities as well as invaluable feedback and improved insight into users’ needs.

Mediso WorldmapCustomer focused support

Mediso-affiliated subsidiaries and our world-wide distributor network are backed by strong factory support from the company headquarters.  Our integrated global organization ensures close contact with our customers and quick, professional response to their requests for technical service and application support. We at Mediso are proud to serve physicians and researchers worldwide, with more than 100 preclinical and 900 clinical systems in 86 countries.

  • 86 countries
  • 100+ preclinical systems
  • 900+ clinical systems


Mediso is represented through its own subsidiaries in two countries. Mediso Polska in Poland was founded in 1996. Mediso GmbH in Germany started its sales and service activity in March 2005.

In 60 other countries Mediso is represented by local companies, who have many years of experience in sales and service in nuclear medicine. For further information about your local business partner please contact Mediso Ltd. through any of the available channels.

Clinical Products in North America

The Medical Devices manufactured by Mediso are distributed by


2012  Frost & Sullivan: 2012 European Preclinical Imaging New Product Innovation Award Frost & Sullivan 2012 European Preclinical Imaging New Product Innovation Award

2012   Launch of nanoScan® Family complete preclinical SPECT/PET/CT/MRI imager portfolio

2011   Launch of nanoScan® preclinical PET/MRI

2011   Grand prize of innovation 2010 (NanoPET™ /CT)

2010   Introduction and installation of AnyScan® SC ”CT-FIRST” CT/SPECT units

2009   Inauguration of Mediso Reference Multimodality Diagnostic, Research & Training Centre

2009   New Mediso product the NanoPET/CT™ preclinical PET-CT

2008   Frost & Sullivan: 2008 European Medical Imaging Entrepreneurial Company of the Year AwardFrost & Sullivan 2008 European Medical Imaging Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award

2008   Launching of AnyScan® the first real triple-modality human SPECT-CT-PET of the world

2007   Mediso takes the Nuclear Medicine clinical diagnostic service profile acquiring of PET-CT Ltd.

2007   Production of the first Mediso human SPECT/CT

2006   Grand Prize of Innovation 2006 (NanoSPECT/CT®)

2006   Manufacturing of the first Mediso preclinical SPECT/CT

2000   ISO 13485 certification of the company

2000   ISO 9001 and MDD certification of the company

2000   Launching the Nucline™ SPIRIT DH-V variable angle dual head camera

1998   Special Prize of the President of Hungary (X-Ring-R)

1998   Mediso acquired the Nuclear Medicine Branch of Gamma Works, the dominant experts joined Mediso

1996   Release of the first SPECT camera Nucline™ X-Ring-R

1994   Manufacturing of the first Mediso gamma camera

1990   Foundation of Mediso Medical Imaging Systems

1972   Gamma Works released its first Nuclear Medicine imager with digital processing

1960  Gamma works forms nuclear equipment manufacturing profile

George de Hevesy1943  George Hevesy receives Nobel Price for developing the theory of In Vivo Tracer Techniques

1920  Foundation of Gamma Works