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Mediso Maintains World-Wide Support for NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET/CT® Users


Seoul, Korea – October 27, 2013 At the 2013 IEEE-NSS-MIC conference, Mediso as a leading provider in preclinical imaging technology would like to inform NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET/CT® users about recent changes regarding the service and support of these equipment.

Mediso as co-developer and sole manufacturer is committed to providing comprehensive lifetime support for NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET/CT® pre-clinical imagers around the world, since Bioscan Inc. - a former partner - will no longer carry out the above mentioned activities. Users now have the opportunity to benefit from Mediso’s years of expertise in providing factory level support to its OEM partners as well as direct support to customers.

To ensure high quality service of NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET/CT® products, Mediso, the manufacturer now provides direct support to customers through its selected and qualified partners only. To address this issue, Istvan Bagamery - CEO of Mediso - confirms: “We are ready to provide comprehensive support for Mediso manufactured preclinical products and similarly to our clinical installations, Mediso now offers a minimum of 10 years full-scale service and application support world-wide by qualified engineers with the deepest possible knowledge of the systems”.

In September 2012 Mediso launched the next generation of fully-integrated multi-modality animal imagers under its proprietary brand name nanoScan™. Our new software and hardware solutions developed for the nanoScan™ family are fully compatible with the previously manufactured systems. The new developments feature improved imaging performance and long-term reliability, designed to protect clients’ investments.

Mediso also offers a long term plan to modernize and improve the performance and productivity of your NanoSPECT/CT® and NanoPET/CT® systems. Our Silver upgrade includes new software and hardware solutions that will bring the above systems to the next level of multi-modality imaging and put those laboratories on a path of continuous improvement.

Factory level service covers, but not limited to the following activities:

  • Preventive and factory maintenance;
  • Spare parts replacement (including X-ray sources, crystals etc.);
  • Unscheduled repairs.

Available software update/upgrade and application support:

For support or further information please contact Mediso USA or Mediso Ltd. directly.  You can learn how to reach us via our web site at http://www.medisousa.com/contact in US, Canada or http://www.mediso.com/contact.php. We will be happy to direct you to your local service distributor/service provider.

Selected partners:

Mediso USA, LLC (USA, Canada),
Mediso GmbH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland),
Mediso Pacific Pty Ltd.  (Australia, New-Zealand),
Mediso France office (France),
Primetech Corp. (Japan),
Winsun China Limited (China),
SI Healthcare Inc. (South Korea),
Bartec Technologies Ltd. (UK),
Taiwan Life Support Systems, Inc. (Taiwan),
EL.SE. s.r.l. (Italy).

Thank you for your kind attention,
The Mediso Team

About Mediso Ltd.:

Mediso is one of the World's largest manufacturers and suppliers of multimodality hybrid imaging devices. Mediso was founded in 1990 by experts with experience in R&D and manufacturing of nuclear equipment

Currently Mediso offers four imaging modalities - SPECT, PET, CT, MRI - for professionals working in laboratories and nuclear medicine departments. Mediso products are sold worldwide directly and through a network of distributors. There are more than 1000 imaging systems operating in more than 85 countries around the world.

For more information, please visit the Mediso web site at www.mediso.com.

For further information about the nanoScan® product family and Mediso, please contact:

Mediso Medical Imaging Systems
H-1022 Budapest, Alsótörökvész 14.
Phone:   +36-1-399-3030
Fax:         +36-1-399-3040
E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Press Contact:

Dr. Gábor Németh, Program Director, Preclinical Imaging
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +36 (30) 9000-933

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