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VivoQuant 1.23 Released: Bridging the gap from image to data

VivoQuant 1.23 Released: Bridging the gap from image to data

VivoQuant™ platform for image viewing and analysis 1.23 was released last week by inviCRO.

The VivoQuant™ application is bundled with our nanoScan small animal in vivo imaging systems and software updates are provided for customers with Mediso USA service contracts. As an Imaging Service contract holder, our users not only have access to service and support, but receive the additional capabilities such us upgrading their InVivoScope or VivoQuant software to the new releases.

VivoQuant 1.23 introduces new and improved features, including:

  • New Whole Body Atlas Segmentation Tool,
  • Deformable Registration Tool,
  • Modeling Operator with GLM and Tracer-kinetic Based Modeling,
  • Expanded VivoScript Capabilities with New Example Scripts,
  • Upgraded 3D ROI Tool with Enhanced Functionality,
  • Improved 3D Image Rendering,
  • Integration of the Registration / Reorientation Tool with the 3D ROI Tool,
  • Improved MR/CT/PET/SPECT Atlas-based Brain Segmentation Plugin - (Sub-region Volume, Signal, fMRI).

To upgrade your VivoQuant version, please go to Tools|Update Check in the software menu or download directly from the VivoQuant website.

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