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The Brick AnyScan Album

The Brick AnyScan Album

A New Spin on the Story of AnyScan

as illustrated by Gergo P.

Lego bricks give the limitless possibilities represented by an unassembled pile.  You can build just about anything out of LEGOs these day if you've got the patience and enough bricks.

And this happened with the AnyScan product family of Mediso as Gergo, one of our magnificent physicists (a clear magician in GATE Monte Carlo simulations) created his own slightly greater-than-minifig-scale of the Mediso AnyScan PET-SPECT-CT clinical tomographic scanner.

The album can be reached on Flickr.

And the fun part is that the AnyScan S, single-head and dual-head large field-of-view general purpose SPECT camera just received the FDA 510(k) clearance, bringing this great medical device to the US market.

The AnyScan® S is a proven 4th generation system with installations around the world, and offers a unique solution in molecular imaging with an ergonomic open design gantry, variable angle detector positions, small footprint, robust mechanical design with improved safety factor, dual infrared line auto body contouring, total body localizer mode, table design to support patients up to 500 lbs., and pre-programmed robotic gantry motions with full automatic motion positioning and calibration. In addition, the flexible modular system architecture provides a pathway to offer variety of modalities within the AnyScan® family.

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