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Mediso - nanoScan PET/MRI(3T)

nanoScan PET/MRI (3T)

Integrated whole-body preclinical PET/MRI(3T) system with cryogen-free MRI, translational 3T MR field strength and 8cm transaxial FOV

nanoScan PET/MRI(3T) in vivo preclinical imagerCutting-edge molecular imaging and state-of-the-art 3T superconductive MRI are fully integrated as one. The compact nanoScan PET/MRI(3T) combines the superior small animal PET subsystem with ‘translational’ 3T MR field strength and superior soft-tissue contrast.

The unique and patented cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology allows us to build portable magnets with a small footprint, low weight, and very low magnetic stray field, eliminating the need for liquid helium.

Summary of Key Benefits

  • Safe, Affordable and Cryogen free ‘dry’ 3T MRI system with high resolution and homogeneity: The cryogen-free superconducting magnet, based on patented technology, operates in vacuum and there, there is no need to deal with Liquid Helium. The system can be placed anywhere in a research facility, no costly site preparation is required. The system does not require dedicated facilities or shielded rooms.
    • Persistent Mode Operation: at any interim magnetic field up to peak field supports variable field strength between 0.1T and 3.0T.
    • Pulse Tube cryocoolers: Due to the high performance  Pulse Tube cryocoolers the vibration is negligible and ensures the longest intervals between services.
    • Almost no fringe field: safe operation in any laboratory and by any operator, with low running costs and no special site requirements.
  • True and Seamless Integration: The integrated common gantry and movement system provide a single image coordinate system for both modalities. Automatic co-registration is ensured by single, integrated Nucline acquisition software. Moreover precise positioning and automated gantry movements enable multiple bed position MRI acquisition covering the entire body length of a marmoset, rat or mouse.
  • Image Characteristics:
    • PET: Highest resolution PET subsystem with Tera-Tomo 3D PET reconstruction engine. Absolute quantification accuracy with exceptional image quality characteristics. The PET resolution is provided by using the fully 3-dimensional Tera-Tomo  reconstruction engine featuring Monte Carlo system modeling  and corrections for depth of interaction, positron range effects, scatter and attenuation in the object. The ultra-high resolution of the nanoScan PET provides clearer images allowing for more accurate image data analysis and reduces the partial-volume effect (PVE).
    • MRI: The 3T cryogen-free magnet has better than 1-ppm homogeneity in the central 60-mm-diameter region. It features built-in gradient coils also used for shimming and an internal radiofrequency cage.
  • Pathogen-free plug-in MRI compatible animal handling system with one-click low-attenuation imaging cells with sizes from mice to rats, including continuous digital temperature control, embedded anesthesia connection, integrated head positioning and automatic bed identification.
  • ECG and Respiratory Gated imaging capabilities for both PET and MRI modalities.
  • Versatile soft tissue contrast for the best Volume of Interest definitions
    • Determine the volume of tumors: for characterizing the size, vascularization and heterogeneity
    • Detailed structural information in the brain reveals exact distribution of neurological PET tracers
  • Reduced radiation exposure of the animals
    • Anatomical information obtained with non-ionizing radiation (especially important for treatment models)