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Mediso USA’s Grant Support Overview

Do you need grant to support to establish shared small animal imaging facility or to expand your imaging capabilities for your research investigators? Do you want to establish a reliable technology in vivo imaging platform that would allow translation of imaging techniques evaluated in preclinical models to improve disease detection and monitoring of therapeutic response in the clinical arena?

Do you want to provide

  • high quality, cost- effective research services to investigators that will advance their research efforts,
  • collaborations between different disciplines related to animal models in research such as biology, drug discovery, imaging and biostatistics,
  • education and training capabilities  considering animal models and imaging experiments?

We at Mediso USA realize that the competition for instrumentation funding today is ever increasing and the number of funding opportunities are limited. Mediso has experience worldwide in helping research groups write successful instrumentation grants and Mediso USA is committed to supporting you throughout the grant process, so that you can obtain the funding you require to continue your high impact research.

Services Offered to our Partners

Support to find Funding Opportunities

Mediso USA maintains an up to date list of ongoing instrumentation funding opportunities. Please contact us to receive a list of Funding Opportunities for instrumentation and infrastructure specific grants.

Support in Grant Writing

Mediso USA has experience in working with researchers in writing successful grants. Mediso USA offers a service to critically review instrumentation grants for both the instrumentation plan as well as ensuring that the research projects are specifically linked to the requested instrumentation, and importantly highlighting how features of the instrument provide maximal benefit and impact to your research. In addition, general and technology specific grant writing tips, instrumentation sole source documents, and instrumentation package recommendations based on scientific application can be provided to give you the best chance of obtaining instrumentation funding.

Post Award Support

Additionally, Mediso USA provides post award support in the form of equipment installation, basic and advanced user training, service and maintenance, instrument accessory products, and advice on preclinical PET and SPECT applications. Mediso USA can provide protocols on how to conduct reproducible and accurate molecular imaging studies from animal handling to molecular imaging and data interpretation for most common biological applications. The protocols have been specifically optimised to take advantage of some of the high-end and novel features of the nanoScan® Family to obtain unrivalled image quantification and image quality.

Contact Mediso USA for more information on In Vivo SPECT/CT, PET/CT, PET/MRI, SPECT/MRI and SPECT/PET/CT imaging instrument grants.

Grant Resources

Funding Opportunities

Contact us to get the list of funding opportunitiesUnsatisfied with broken links, outdated information found on other websites? Contact us, so we can review the possibilities together! The list of validated instrumentation funding opportunities is shared with our partners.

Some of them are well-known possibilities, like the programs listed below, some of them are less known.

Shared Instrumentation Grants

The Shared Instrumentation Grant (S10) provided by the NIH is a common funding mechanism for groups of NIH-supported investigators to obtain commercially-available equipment costing between $100,000 and $600,000. These grants cover the direct costs of the instruments; the grantee institution must meet costs for maintenance, service contracts, and technical support. The grant must be shared by at least three NIH-supported scientists who are Principal Investigators (PI) on NIH peer-reviewed research grants at the time of the application and award.

High-End Instrumentation (HEI) Grants

The High-End Instrumentation (HEI) grant program supports the purchase of a single major piece of research equipment that costs between $750,000 to $2.0 million for biomedical research only. Rapid technological development has led to the production of a new generation of instruments. These high-sensitivity, high-resolution instruments can accelerate and enhance the rate at which researchers can acquire, analyze, display, and understand data. The HEI grant program complements the Shared Instrumentation Grant program.

Grant Writing Tips

As part of our support in grant writing, we summarized and organized both general and specific tips on how to be successful when applying for the federal and other grants.

These topics, but not limited to

  • eligibility,
  • key areas,
  • major, minor users - and the links to the research projects,
  • instrument time,
  • overall impact and benefit,
  • justification,
  • technical expertise,
  • managing instrumentation,
  • institutional commitment.