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The complexity of research instruments requires professional maintenance, including scheduled service visits and periodic part replacement, as well as emergency service in case of need.

Our service activities include phone-in helpdesk, remote on-line support, field service, spare parts and installation, relocation, and upgrades of imaging systems. Our Service Engineers are technically qualified factory-trained personnel who are located at our Boston office. Many of our services, updates, and even immediate repairs that previously required on-site visits can now be performed remotely.  This capability further increases the reliability and utility of your imaging systems.

Mediso USA also offers service enhancements such as technology upgrades to keep hardware and software up-to-date and to further improve system performance and prolong the service life of the equipment. To provide the highest possible economic value, we offer the opportunity to combine the upgrades with an extended service contract.

The wide range of available service agreements allows healthcare organizations to customize service coverage and support options to meet their specific needs. Each plan includes software updates throughout the agreement period.

The following Service Plans are available for Preclinical Imaging Systems

  • On Guard (Preventive Maintenance): Scheduled preventive maintenance visits ensure your system performs according to the specifications with optimum performance, including one full recalibration of the system. Discount on labor and parts throughout the agreement period is included.
  • Enhanced: A cost-effective plan covering preventive maintenance with added protection against accidental breakdowns. This enhanced support agreement includes scheduled visits and all on-site labour charges for unlimited service calls during normal working hours. Increased discount on parts throughout the agreement period is included.
  • Premier: A comprehensive, all-inclusive agreement combining equipment maintenance, labor and supplies fulfillment. All on-site labour and service repair parts are included*, putting you firmly in control of your costs.
  • Flexible: A modular program tailored for your specific needs to address your specific requirements. Start with the On Guard program and choose add-on modules as required, to create your customized plan.

To request technical service or support please fill out our web request form.